Inspection of Existing Systems

 Over the years, stucco systems have seen many changes as they have  evolved and developed into what we know today. For that reason, it is  important to know exactly what type of system we are evaluating. Proprietary systems such as EIFS will have manufacturer's specifications to use as a guideline, while more traditional stucco systems are evaluated based on industry standards established by tradesmen and  experts in the industry. We have been performing EIFS inspections in Springfield since 1999 and have found the moisture analysis is arguably the most important part of the inspection because it is the part that  translates into money, and sometimes lots of it. More... 

Stucco & EIFS Replacement and Repairs

 It is never a good idea to hire the inspector to perform the repairs, everybody knows that. However, Mid-MO Inspection is adept in all aspects of stucco and EIFS. That is what makes us so efficient and thorough when it comes to repair jobs of all sizes. With modern materials, moisture problems associated with EIFS can be repaired and corrected with great success. Colors and textures can be matched, and panels resurfaced so that it is impossible to know any repairs were ever made.  Through our years of experience, we have developed and refined this process and are able to consistently produce results that please even the most discriminating customers.  

Stucco & EIFS New installation

 New installation is how we cut our teeth in the plastering business back in 1987. Things have changed a lot since then but we still love helping homeowners and builders design what is ultimately the "face" of their new home. Or the satisfaction of larger installations such as Bass Pro Shops. Stucco and plaster are the very first building products ever used over a thousand years ago and we take great pride in being members of a trade that is still as prolific now as it was back then.